I want to talk about a tool that's been a huge time-saver for me: the Canva Bulk Create feature. Save time designing everything from social media posts to business cards, invitations, affirmations, journals, and much more with Bulk Create! It's perfect for making quick designs that use multiply names, photos, dates, text, and numbers.

Let me show you how to make the most of it, especially for creating social media images like Pins and Instagram posts. Did you know you can add IMAGES to your designs too? YEP-watch the video and it will walk you through step by step on how to add those images.

What is Canva Bulk Create?

First things first, Bulk Create isn't a new feature in Canva. It's been here for a while, and I've even made several videos (this is my YouTube Channel) about this amazing feature! The beauty of Bulk Create is its ability to generate multiple social media images quickly. Whether you’re focusing on Pinterest pins, Instagram posts, stories, or Facebook updates, Bulk Create can save you a ton of time.

The example I'll walk you through in the above video is creating 20 “Dad Tips” social media posts in a matter of minutes.

Grid of 'Dad Tips' cards with various images and tips on a beige background. Tips include: 1. Always lead by example, 2. Show your children unconditional love, 3. Be patient and understanding, 4. Teach your kids the value of hard work, 5. Spend quality time with your children, 6. Encourage your kids to pursue their dreams, 7. Be a good listener, 8. Teach your children to respect others, 9. Show your kids how to handle adversity, 10. Always be there for your children, 11. Encourage curiosity and a love of learning, 12. Help your children develop problem-solving skills, 13. Teach them to be kind and empathetic, 14. Show them the importance of honesty, 15. Be involved in their education, 16. Model good behavior and manners, 17. Support their interests and hobbies, 18. Teach them the value of money and savings, 19. Encourage them to be independent, 20. Show them how to be responsible and reliable.

Setting Up Your Design

Step 1: Create a Design

To get started, create a design in Canva. Choose the size according to the platform you’re targeting:

  • Instagram: Ideal if you want a square post.
  • Facebook: Select the dimensions that fit Facebook posts.
  • Pinterest: Go for the size that works best for Pins.

For this guide, let's go with an Instagram post. Open your design canvas, and let's move on to adding your design elements.

Step 2: Add Your Design Elements

  • Background: Choose a colored background or use an image.
  • Graphics: Add any design elements like hearts or icons.
  • Text Boxes:
    • One for the tip number.
    • One for the quote or tip.
    • One FRAME for the image.
Illustration of 'Dad Tip #1' with two red hearts at the top corners. The tip reads: 'One way to stay motivated is to write your goals down on paper.' Below the text is an image of a simple landscape with green hills, blue sky, and white clouds."

Make sure everything is centered and aligned properly. I like to ensure everything is neat and centered before I proceed.

Accessing Canva Bulk Create

To access Bulk Create, you'll find it on the sidebar if it's a frequently used tool for you. If not, no worries! Just go to the Apps menu and type in “Bulk Create”.

Step 1: Clearing and Setting Up the Table

When you open Bulk Create, you'll see a table. The first thing you want to do is clear it. Then, add your column headers – these are just the ones I use- so make sure you name them what you need them to be called.

  1. Tip
  2. Number
  3. Image
Screenshot of a data entry interface with tabs for 'Add text' and 'Add image.' Columns labeled 'TIP,' 'Number,' and 'Image' are shown, with red arrows pointing to each column header.

Step 2: Entering Data

Adding Tips

I got my tips from ChatGPT. You can simply copy and paste your tips directly into the “Tip” column. Don't worry about any extra quotation marks or commas; we'll clean those up later.

Numbering Tips

For the “Number” column, just add numbers from 1 to 20.

Uploading Images

Make sure the images you want to use are uploaded to either a specific folder or your uploads. Select each image and upload it into the “Image” column.

Connecting Data to Your Design Elements

Step 1: Map Columns to Design Elements

  • Connect the “Number” column to the number text box.
  • Map the “Tip” column to the quote/tip text box.
  • Assign the “Image” column to the image Frame.

Step 2: Verify Connections

When the elements are connected, they'll be highlighted in purple. Make sure everything is correctly mapped before moving forward.

Illustration of 'Dad Tip #1' with two red hearts at the top corners. The tip reads: 'One way to stay motivated is to write your goals down on paper.' Below the text is an image of a simple landscape with green hills, blue sky, and white clouds.

Generating Bulk Designs

Step 1: After Every Connected…. CLICK DONE!

Once everything is set, click done. Then it will take you to the Apply Data- click the Generate.

Step 2: Review and Clean Up

BAM-Canva opens a new window with all the designs. Scroll through them to ensure everything looks good. If you notice extra quotation marks or commas, head over to the File menu and use the Find and Replace option to remove them. Here is a short video on how to do this.

  1. Quotation Marks: Find and replace with an empty space.
  2. Commas: Same process as above.

Adjusting Design Elements

Resizing and Moving Text Boxes

If you need to tweak any design elements, just resize or move the text boxes. You can also group them to ensure everything stays aligned.

Changing Backgrounds

Feel free to change the background color or image if needed. Making small adjustments can go a long way in making your designs look more polished.

BTW my finished product- changed each one a color from the photo- it makes the image cohesive. I've always been a matcher, so this is part of my workflow- match colors.

Couple other things I did was group the # and number then click Position and Center!

Grid of 'Dad Tips' cards with various images and tips

Oh, check out the DONE designs HERE.

Using Bulk Create with Graphics and Icons

Handling Cropped Images

If you're using graphics or clip art, they might get cropped. To avoid this, detach the image from the frame and manually place the graphics. It's a bit more work, but totally doable.

Using Shaped Frames

For shaped graphics, use a frame that matches their shape. For example, if you're using circular images, select a circular frame.

Bulk Create for Different Use Cases

Social Media Platforms

This tool is not just for Instagram posts. Here are some other platforms where Bulk Create can be a game-changer:

  • Pinterest: Create multiple Pins in one go.
  • Instagram: Perfect for posts, stories, and even reels.
  • Facebook: Easily generate multiple posts.

Please give BULK CREATE a try- you will love it.

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