In today's fast-paced world, finding focus can be a challenge. We all have different methods that work for us – some need the rhythm of music, while others crave absolute silence. I will walk you through some ways to help me stay focused when needed.

Some days, I can be at the computer for hours, but am I getting anything done? Nope, because I am not FOCUSED at all. So, let's go through these steps to see if we can improve our ability to focus, which makes the days more productive and fulfilling.

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1. Creating a Daily Plan So You Can Focus

Today's Plan

Importance of Planning

Beginning your day with a clear idea of what you want to achieve is crucial. A plan acts as a roadmap, guiding you through your day's tasks. A rigid schedule is unnecessary, but a basic outline can prevent distractions. So, the perfect time to do this is when I get my first cup of coffee. I'm a notebook kind of girl- I have notebooks for my notebooks. Just kidding, but not really. I must write it down on paper; I can't use a digital planner. I tried that, but it's not for me; a digital planner can work for many people.

Creating Your Plan

Creating the plan is essential, but so is when you do it. Some people love to brain-dump in the evening. This plan can include simple things like your breakfast choice or the order of your tasks. Rather than just thinking about it, writing down your plan solidifies your commitment and makes it more tangible.

I love to plan my day first thing in the morning, and I will first sit at the table, enjoy my coffee, then grab my handy notebook/pen and start writing down all the things that come to my head. I will have numbers by the tasks to determine the priority. I try to get done at least THREE items on my list. Some days, I get more done, which is a BIG win. My mind tends to wander often, so I strive to focus daily.

Benefits of Pre-Planning

Deciding on things like meals and outfits in advance reduces the number of small decisions you must make during the day. This frees up mental space and energy for more critical tasks. Since I work from home, the only outfit planning I do is what color leggings I should wear today. However, planning my meals is a must.

Now, I know meals and outfits are not for your business planning, but they do come into play because you need to eat and get dressed, but putting them on your daily to-do list is unnecessary. So that is when the pre-planning comes in; on Sunday, I plan my week, including meals, shopping, gym, and other appointments. I have a big calendar for all that.

2. Incorporating Moments of Enjoyment

Do something you enjoy!

Daily Dose of Joy:

Infusing your day with small activities or moments that bring you joy is vital. Whether it's savoring a quiet coffee break, enjoying a favorite snack, or spending time with a loved one or pet, these moments act as a mental reset. I do all these!

I need breaks during my day, so mid-morning, I do a TEA BREAK, make a cup of tea (in the summer, it's iced tea), and sit outside to absorb that last of the morning sun. I tend to take this time to meditate and use the CALM app (thank you, T-Mobile, for the $ 10-for-the-year deal).

Later in the day, I walk around my yard with my dog Harley. I love to watch him try to chase the birds. Coming back in after that, my mind is a bit more relaxed, so I will usually see what work I can get done. I know my afternoon energy is about to tank around 4 pm, so that is when I go outside and wake up!

Impact on Productivity:

These joyful breaks can rejuvenate your mind and spirit, giving you fresh energy to tackle your tasks. They remind you that life isn't just about work and enjoying the little things. It can't be all work and no play. I'm not doing myself or anyone else any good when I work all day. I am too mentally tired to do anything when I work all day at the computer.

Think about when you are productive because it would help if you worked on projects around that time so that you are more alert. Mornings are my awake time, so I try to get the most out of my productivity done then. But taking breaks is very important no matter where you work!

3. Embracing Persistence

Women walking on wire

Dealing with Challenges

When faced with a difficult task, stepping away briefly is okay. However, it's crucial to return and tackle the challenge. Avoid the temptation to hop between tasks, leading to unfinished work and mental clutter. I say this because that is what I do- I jump from Tab to Tab. When I'm in that mood, then I don't get the work done, and then I get frustrated at myself. Because every time I sit down to work, I have a list of what I need to do; why I can't stick to that list is annoying.

Oh, I created this Self-Reflection journal to help with challenges! So off the topic, but just in case you need to get through some challenges in your life- it is an instant download.

So, I try to bring my focus back to my task list and see what I can complete for the day to feel like I have accomplished something. One of my biggest challenges is my family is also home 24/7- yep, we all work from home. We all have different ventures, but we are together all the time. I work at the coffee shop to get a break from them. Yes, I love my family, but damn, we are together a lot.

They don't always respect my workspace because I need to do videos daily, and how often do they interrupt to ask questions? Yes, I have a door handle sign that says I'm on camera (zoom and creating videos). When I tell them to GO AWAY, I get attitude, so set those boundaries early on; there is a level of respect you need to give to people when they are trying to make that bag!

Building Resilience:

Persisting through challenging tasks builds resilience and a sense of accomplishment. It teaches you that you can overcome challenges, an essential life skill. Do you give up when you see your long list on your TO DO? I do, but you know what works for me- being able to cross off the tasks. I pick three a day to dedicate to getting it done. I break it into more manageable tasks if it is a big project.

4. Valuing Days Off

Enjoy time off

The Myth of Constant Productivity:

Who says we have to work every day? Oh yeah, your mind- making money is essential, and we must pay the bills. Ask my family. I would work every day if I could (well, I do), but my kids (ages 19 and 21) will make me close down my computer. They are on me. Now, they don't help around the house, but they have MOM DUTY, I guess. However, that is not the way to go; I burn out and then get sick, so nope, it's not a good cycle.

TAKE DAYS OFF! Yes, please don't be a PAM and burn yourself out. I have Rheumatoid arthritis, and it is a chronic inflammatory disorder. I have had it for several years, but I know the signs, so I will limit my work intake on days, I feel that a flare-up is coming.

Being a content creator, I create products that allow me to make passive money, so if I'm having a bad day, I know I will be okay if I take the day off. I am in a group coaching program called Passive Income Pathways, which has been my community for a few years, and we all know the importance of balancing our work with our lives. You need to do it! The key to productivity isn't just about working hard and finding a balance.

Relaxation is as important as work in achieving a harmonious life.

Remember, REST is not just a luxury; it's a necessity. Taking time off is vital for your mental and physical health. If you feel you are dragging all day- take some time off. You are not doing anyone good- especially if you are trying to finish that to-do list and ignoring the signs of fatigue. Days off should be spent rejuvenating and connecting with family and friends. These moments help refill your emotional tank and remind you of the reasons behind your hard work.

Setting Yourself Up for Success

To focus better, it's essential to prepare both mentally and physically. These four habits can create a more balanced, productive, and enjoyable daily routine. Remember, focusing isn't just about getting things done but doing them healthily and sustainably.

I strive to do this daily because I've burnt out before and don't want to do that again. Being focused on your business is excellent but please follow the four steps above to balance it out a bit more, and you will notice the difference in what you get done PLUS in yourself.

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