Utilize Your Drafts

Hey there! I got a question for you. Do you utilize your blog's “draft” feature?

Well, if not, I have a nifty tip for you today that will be extremely helpful as you strive to get ahead with your blogging. We're talking about the beautiful world of drafts! Yup, those handy features found in WordPress and other popular blogging platforms that let you save your posts in progress. Not only do they save your work automatically (thank goodness!), but they can also be a game-changer in more ways than one. Let's dive in and explore the many ways you can use drafts to get ahead in the blogging world.

Use Drafts to Work on Your Next Blog Post (or Two)

So, we all know that using drafts is a no-brainer when perfecting your current blog post. You write, edit, and add those catchy headers; when satisfied, it's time to hit that “publish” button. But here's where the magic happens: don't stop there!

Okay, let's say you have a jam-packed day ahead with a long to-do list, but you still have the strong urge to keep your blogging momentum going. Fortunately, drafts are here to save the day! Take a moment to create a draft for your next blog post. It doesn't have to be a masterpiece yet; jot down some ideas, outline the structure, or even write a paragraph or two.

Here's the secret sauce: whenever you find a spare moment during your jam-packed day, sneak a peek at your draft and add a sentence here or a paragraph there. It's like sprinkling bits of blogging magic throughout your day.

Trust me, when the time comes to wrap up that post, you'll be grateful you gave yourself this head start. You'll have already laid the groundwork, and now it's just a matter of tying it all together. Plus, seeing your blog post gradually take shape is incredibly rewarding. It's like a delicious anticipation that keeps you motivated and excited about your blogging journey.

Not only does this tactic help you make progress during busy times, but it also keeps your creative juices flowing. Finding the time and mental energy to write a blog post can be challenging when life gets hectic. But by chipping away at your draft whenever you can, you keep the momentum going. It's like a secret inspiration stash waiting for you whenever needed. Some weeks this is the only way I can blog in steps.

Make sure to embrace the power of drafts and make them your ally in staying ahead of your blogging schedule. They're not just a place to fine-tune your current masterpiece; they're your secret weapon for those chaotic days when time is limited. Use drafts to store your ideas throughout your day, and watch as your blogging productivity soars to new heights.

Use Drafts to Plan Out Your Week

Why settle for just one blog post when you can plan your entire week of blogging extravaganza using drafts? Imagine this: you have a goal of posting five times a week and are ready to rock the blogging world. So, here's what you do:

Get those creative gears turning and come up with five exciting topics that make you want to grab your keyboard and start typing away. These topics could be anything from handy life hacks to sharing your latest travel adventures or diving into a thought-provoking social issue. Once you have your topics locked and loaded, it's time to create drafts for each one.

Assign a draft to each category and start working on them gradually throughout the week. This way, you're not scrambling to write everything at once and feeling overwhelmed. You can allocate your energy and time more effectively, making steady progress on multiple posts.

You aim to finalize and publish at least one post on your designated publishing days. This strategy keeps you on track with your blogging goals and provides a crystal-clear roadmap of what you'll share with your readers throughout the week.

Having multiple drafts in the works gives you options and flexibility. Let's say you hit a roadblock with one post and find yourself staring at a blank screen, desperately seeking inspiration. No worries! Hop over to another draft and let your creative juices flow in a different direction. Having a collection of drafts ready to go, you never have to fear that dreaded writer's block again.

So, grab your virtual calendar and start planning your blogging with drafts- But wait, I have a WEEKLY BLOG SCHEDULE (Canva Template– so you can type it in or print out PDF) just for you! You'll stay on track, have a delightful variety of content to offer your readers, and maintain your sanity throughout the process. Embrace the power of drafts and watch your blogging journey reach new heights of productivity and fulfillment.

Use Drafts as Your Blog Post Idea Vault

Alright, prepare to have your mind blown because I'm about to share my favorite way to rock the drafts feature. Get ready to use it as the ultimate storage vault for all your future blog post ideas!

Let's say one of those times you are minding your business when suddenly, BAM! Inspiration strikes like a lightning bolt. Don't let that fade away into oblivion! Grab your virtual pen and create a draft immediately. Please give it a catchy working title that captures the essence of your idea, and jot down a quick note outlining the juicy content that will make your future blog post shine.

But hey, if you're feeling particularly ambitious (and I know you are), go the extra mile and write a brief outline for your post. Lay down the foundation for what's to come, and you'll be one step closer to transforming your idea into an excellent blog post that will leave your readers in awe.

The best part is once you save these drafts, they become your secret arsenal of inspiration. Whenever you need a new topic to blog about, open up that vault of currents and take your pick. You've already done the groundwork by capturing the essence of your ideas, and maybe you've even started crafting a few paragraphs. It's like having a secret stash of pre-written content waiting to be unleashed upon the world!

Are you ready to embrace the drafts feature and turn it into your personal idea vault? Let your drafts be the secret to an endless stream of captivating content that keeps your readers hooked and craving more.


So you have ten blog ideas and titles, so now take those and put them in drafts. You will have ten blog posts ready for you to write. Go ahead and write a brief outline for a couple of blog posts. Then, save it as a draft.

TIP: When you get an idea- put it in drafts. Do this whenever an idea pops your head and save it for later. When you need blogging inspiration, browse your drafts and pick one that sparks your attention. You'll have a ready-made idea waiting for you, and you might even find that you've already made some progress. These drafts are the magic potion for creating fast blog posts and are a lifesaver when that pesky writer's block strikes.

So, what are you waiting for? Utilize your drafts to take your blogging efficiency to the next level. With drafts in your arsenal, you'll stay ahead of the game, produce engaging content, and bid farewell to that dreaded writer's block.

I learned this tip from Sadie Smiley, my amazing business coach and blogging genius. But one day, she sent me a list of Canva topics and told me to put these in your drafts. I was like, what- huh, drafts? She told me whenever she comes up with an idea, she puts it in drafts. She does, too, because I've seen the backend of her blog- more in drafts than posted, so she is good for a long time. I now have 35 drafts!

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