Struggling to Generate Original Blog Content?

Brainstorming new content ideas for your blog can be challenging, but I have an exciting solution to simplify the process. The best part is that you've already written some of the content! With this tip, you can skip ahead in line, which is perfect for those days when your schedule is jam-packed, but you still want to publish a blog post.

A Great Source of Content Inspiration Comment Questions

Looking for ideas for your next blog post? Look no further than your own comments section! When someone poses a question, don't just answer it – save it for later. Save it in DRAFTS. Next time you need a quick post, copy and paste the question from your drafts into a new blog post and answer it. It's that simple!

Remember, if one person has a question, chances are others do, too. This method also works for social media comments and when your friends message you with questions about your topic. Please keep track of these questions to use them as inspiration for future posts. For example, my friends ask for Canva help daily, so I will start saving those questions to create informative blog posts.

The Importance of Responding to Reader Comments

Answering reader comments promptly is essential, but there's more to it than that. When responding, consider two important questions:

  • Will others have the same question? Most likely, the answer will be yes.
  • Can I provide more information on this topic? If so, consider writing a follow-up blog post.

Remember, when engaging with your readers- let them know you appreciate them asking, and you will write a blog post going more into detail.

Crafting a Compelling Follow-up Blog Post

Start by introducing the topic or question at hand. Share the inquiry and let your readers know you've prepared a more detailed answer in a new blog post. Include the original response you provided and expand on it as required. With a copy-and-paste approach, you can easily create a blog post that will leave your readers wanting more.

Publishing Blog Posts that Resonate with Your Readers

Once you've written and formatted your post, add relevant graphics, and hit publish! For future content, take a similar approach by addressing common questions that arise in your comments section. Your readers will appreciate these posts because they often have the same questions but may hesitate to ask. To make this content more accessible, consider creating a featured category on your blog specifically for these posts. This will transform them into a valuable resource for your readers. My category should be CANVA 911 🤪!

Saving Time and Building Your Personal FAQ Section

Utilizing this method provides comprehensive answers that address the original question and relate to other responses. As a result, future inquiries can be answered by linking to the relevant post. This is like creating a personal FAQ section on the blog. Sadie Smiley's Facebook Group – Passive Income Pathways, is an excellent example of this in action. When someone asks a question, she references a blog post that addresses the topic. This benefits the individual who asked the question and others who viewed the comment. Additionally, this contributes to your site's traffic.

Unlock fresh content ideas by responding to blog comments, reusing the questions, and expanding on the answers in follow-up blog posts. You can create a valuable resource for your readers. Engage with your audience, offer comprehensive responses, and watch as your blog thrives with compelling content.


Write FIVE questions from your readers on the blog, social media, or even your Facebook group. I created a PDF to keep track of the questions. You then go through the thinking of the Blog Title and put it in Drafts. Now you have FIVE more blog content posts!

You can use the template or download the PDF.

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