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Hey there! Every month, I totally geek out when I get the latest Canva updates. As a Canvassador, I'm lucky to get the inside scoop on all the cool new features and updates before they hit the mainstream. I love diving into the list and planning out how to share all this awesomeness with you all.

I usually spill the beans during my Zoom sessions with my Clubhouse members, walking everyone through what's new and nifty in Canva-land. And let's be real—not every update or app knocks it out of the park, but I make sure to cover both the hits and the misses.

It's always a blast to explore these updates together and brainstorm how we can use them to jazz up our projects. Whether it's a hit or a miss, it's all part of the fun of being on the cutting edge of design with Canva! I love being a Canvassador and sharing all the updates.

Okay let me show you the new Canva updates for April- I'm sharing the presentation I created for my Clubhouse members. I walked them through all the features.

Canva Update-Branding Kit Features

Canva's Branding Kit is the MAIN REASON I have PRO! I love being able to have all my colors, logos, fonts, and images in one place and I can use this when I am designing. The Brand Kit is a business essential. I set up Brand Kits for clients, products, courses, and even my membership. So when Canva let me know these new updates I knew I had to share!

Gradient Colors

One of the standout features in the recent update is the ability to add gradient colors to your Branding Kit. This addition offers an extra layer of customization, allowing you to infuse your designs with vibrant, eye-catching transitions that can significantly elevate the visual appeal of your projects. OH MY GAWD- this is a game changer for me because if you know me you know I love to use gradients.

So I have FOUR COLORS in my Clubhouse branding and I also used Canva APP SHADE to get all the other colors (I use them when creating products) then I set up a couple of GRADIENT colors. I love this so I don't have to set up the gradient color every time I want to use it- now I just go to my brand kit- BAM right there. Thank you Canva!

Canva Updates-Brand Kit Gradient
Canva Updates- Brand Kit Gradient

Expanded Graphics/Photos Capacity

For those who heavily rely on visuals, Canva has now increased the capacity for storing Graphics/Photos in the Branding Kit to up to 2000 images. This is particularly beneficial for users who need quick access to a large library of frequently used images, making the design process more efficient and organized.

Just a quick tip on how I streamline my design process with Canva. I keep all my go-to images and promotional designs right in the Brand Kit. It’s a huge time-saver! When I’m working on a design, all I have to do is click on ‘Brand Kit' on the left side, and boom—all my images pop up. Just one click and the image I need is right there in my design. No more hunting around for where I saved something.

And guess what? Canva just upped the ante by increasing the number of images you can store in the Brand Kit to 2000! That’s right, 2000! Looks like I’ve got some uploading to do.

Canva Updates= Brand images put in Brand Kit

Canva Update- New Apps

To get to the APPS- here are two places: Right there in the Design on the left hand side (first pic in black) and on the Home Page/Project Page (picture on the right).

Canva APP- Image Upscale

The Image Upscale app is a game changer for working with low-resolution images. It effectively upscales images without compromising on quality, making it an essential tool for anyone who needs to enhance image clarity and detail. You can bring in images that need a bit LOVE and see how it cleans it up. Now this is not as robust as other UPSCALERS but it works and I will be using it.

The Image Upscale app- show how it cleared image

Canva APP-AI Image Gen

The newly introduced AI Image Gen app uses advanced artificial intelligence to generate unique images. This tool opens up new possibilities for creativity, allowing you to create bespoke visuals that can set your designs apart. This is fun to play with and it works- not like Midjourney or ChatGPT but it WORKS!

APP- AI IMAGE Gen plus images it created

Canva APP-Barcode Generator

The Barcode Generator is a straightforward yet invaluable tool for generating barcodes quickly and accurately. It's perfect for product labeling, inventory management, and other applications where barcodes are required. Now I don't have use for this but I'm sure a lot of people can use this APP.

APP- Barcode Generator

Canva APP-Mesh Gradient

Explore the Mesh Gradient app to add a novel mesh-like gradient effect to your images. This can add a layer of depth and interest to your graphics, providing a fresh aesthetic for your projects. However this is not my favorite Gradinent app- I would use Gradinet Generator or TypeGradient instead.

Mesh Gradient app

Canva APP-Translate Now

With the Translate Now app, you can instantly translate text into various languages, making your designs more accessible to a global audience. This tool is particularly useful for social media posts, marketing materials, and any other content intended for diverse audiences. If you need to translate your designs this WORKS and is so useful!

Canva APP-CanSign

Adding a personal touch to your designs is easier with the CanSign app, ideal for incorporating your signature into documents and graphics. For the best results, use a stylus or an iPad pencil to create a clean, professional look.

APP- CanSign

Canva APP-Logo Maker

Create distinctive logos with the Logo Maker app, tailored to help you build a unique brand identity. This app provides the tools necessary to design logos that resonate with your brand ethos and audience. It is easy to use and fun to use it. Read more about LOGOS because there are some things you need to know before using the logo.

App- Canva Logo Maker

Canva APPs-Frame Maker and Skew Image

These apps offer additional ways to manipulate images. Frame Maker helps you create custom frames, while Skew Image allows you to adjust the perspective of your photos. These were fun to use BUT it's very limited. I would create my own Frames instead and I don't think I need SKEW but somebody might!

App-Frame Maker

Canva APP-Equations and LaTex Math

For educators, students, and professionals in technical fields, the Equations and LaTex Math apps are perfect for integrating complex mathematical formulas into your designs. BUT THEY DON'T SOLVE IT!

LaTex Math ans Equation

Canva APP-PDF Deck

The PDF Deck app extends your capabilities into creating PDFs, Flipbooks, and presentations efficiently. It's an excellent tool for professional presentations and educational materials. PDF Deck- Check out the link– it will show this in a Flipbook- https://pdflink.to/d33c901f/. This tool would be useful to use in emails, product listings, and of course in BLOG POSTS!


Canva App-PDF Deck is kjndof cool!! Yes you will need to sign into PDF Deck but it was easy and they dont charge for this!!! #canva #canva #canvaapp #canvatips #canvatricks #pdf #flipbook Full video on YT @pamallenonline or FB group Canva Creations witj Pam

♬ Cooking Time – Lux-Inspira

Magic Studio Update

Magic Studio offers a suite of editing options, like Magic Grab for removing unwanted elements and Magic Expand for enlarging images. Majority of the Magic Studio is PRO Features. The flexibility to download individual images enhances your control over the editing process. The update on this is you can use all the Magic Edits on one image- before we could only use one. For this picture I would take out the text with Text Grab- and either change the words or just take them out. Also I would like to delete all the weird images that are in the design. I might want to use Magic expand to get a wider image.

These updates from Canva are amazing and I hope they help you create and manage your designs. With enhanced tools and new features at your disposal, the potential for creativity is limitless. Dive into these updates and discover how they can transform your design experience. Happy designing! Every month I will bring the updates so make sure you are on my email list (get the freebie below) to get that notice!

Here is an amazing CANVA FREEBIE that will help you know a bit more about Canva, How to set up a Brand Kit (Free and PRO) and create social media images.

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